The Lost For Words Reflection

When you find a fiction story that stands out in not only realistic terms but also includes a theme that all readers can relate to, you have a great story. To be able to relate a theme to such a wide range of people who are your audience, takes talent- and that is purely what Stephanie Butland possesses. In her work The Lost For Words Bookshop Butland tells the story of Loveday who is a force to be reckoned with and is not your usual character of focus.

Loveday is a character readers will have a love hate relationship with at the beginning of the story. Given her straight forward and defensive attitude portrayed throughout the first half of the book, she is not what most would call a people person.

No literally…..she loves books more than people- but for her own reasons discovered later on in the book.

Readers meet one of the only people who Loveday does not completely despise, Nathan. With the attitude Loveday obtains at the beginning, you might find yourself scowling at the pages before you at times, but that is when you realize you can not put it down!

As readers we might realize that we know someone or might even see a reflection of ourselves in Loveday through traits shown. With this we know that there is always a reason behind a defensive attitude.

This story is worth the read for anyone looking for a poetic novel that teaches the importance of letting go and addressing one’s past. There is no doubt that readers will find themselves relating to Loveday in one sense or another as the plot thickens and as the veil uncovers Loveday for why she is who she is.

With the unique style that Butland adds in the novel of including poetry read off on the given poetry nights (a common scene in the novel) readers get more depth about the characters through their poetry, especially Loveday.

Stephanie Butland does a marvelous job of keeping the balance between modern day Loveday and young Loveday throughout the sections. The history of Loveday is given every other chapter so that with the more you read, the more you see behind the curtain as to why Loveday is who she is.

Between the front cover and last page of this book is sorrow, love, fear, and Loveday’s past faced head on. The author does a wonderful job recognizing the truth of how vulnerability is what many fear. The fear of letting someone in to see us for who we are in the rawest form is recognized by the main character but only through events no one saw coming.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the art of poetry, irony, and self reflection. As someone who has read many fiction books in the past, this is the first I have come across that had a main theme that touched on so many other relatable factors connecting to real life.

I believe everyone at one point in their life catches themselves running from their past whether it be trauma or a mistake they can not forgive themselves for. This is why this read is one I believe can be read more than once yet whose lessons will never expire.

Fiction is a genre that is supposed to make readers escape reality or to learn a lesson through a character’s life. I believe many lessons were taught in this story and there is a chance that readers will discover more about themselves during this read. A book that will make you fall in love with the characters, that will make you thankful for what you have, and that will bring you through a poetic life story, The Lost For Words Bookstore is worth the read.